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The sett comes in variations which include 'Ancient', 'Modern', and 'Weathered'. Also, there is the 'Blue' Mackay.

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The words Ancient, Weathered and Modern are shades in the colour of the tartan. Ancient and Weathered attempt to reproduce the colours of the old vegetable dyes. There is often a variation between weavers as to the strength of these and one weaver's weathered is not the same as others.

Originally tartan was specific to a region and not to Clan. The Mackay tartan is very similar to their neighbours Clan Gunn. A regional sett called "Strathnaver Mackay" uses dyes of heather brown and grey-blue; known colours of that region.

There is no legal control of tartan so a person may wear whatever tartan they like. Social convention has laid down guidelines that moderate its use. These conventions have originated from and are part of Scottish culture. In general you may wear a Clan's tartan if your family is a Sept of that Clan.

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